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Truelocal clone is a script developed by Ezydir that allows us to create a clone of Truelocal website with same features and appearance

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Ezydir’s clone script

True Local is an online directory of businesses functioning in Australia. The directory is organized in a way that the search results are sorted according to the location and relevance so that it becomes easy for people to find anything. With Ezydir’s clone is script we can help you develop an exact clone of Truelocal with the same look and features or we can develop an new and fascinating directory for businesses in your town with which you can generate revenue from your customers. An online directory is the best way of generating revenue from online businesses. Location based access to information will be available so that the visitors find what they are looking for with ease.

App Development

Ezydir is a leading web development company and we are not only specialized in developing websites but we also develop mobile applications on special demands from our esteemed clients. We will not only help you in setting up a business directory but also develop a mobile app for your site if you require one. Mobile apps provide authenticity to a business because most of the people use mobile phones or tablets to access internet and using an app is much more easier and comfortable that browsing each page of a web directory.

API Integration

It is obvious that if people want to buy a service from your directory then they have to pay the required sum. So, in order to make the transaction smoother, Ezydir integrates your website with various payment gateways that will assist the transaction process. API is a software-to-software interface that allows different groups to talk to each other without having any previous user knowledge or intervention. API integration is not only for payments but there are various social media like facebbok, twitter, google+ and other platforms that can be used as a promotional place by a business.

About Ezydir

Ezydir is advanced directory software. It has everything one needs to get those high revenue from  directory online business. Ezydir is specialized in creating various types of directories for multiple clients around the globe. .Ezydir helps you create a directory to help people find what they are looking for in no time. Ezydir is built in PHP and MYSQL. It has some fantastic features namely listing, classifieds, Article, Deals, Events and Blog that will help you in generating revenue from the sponsors.

Our script is developed in open-source PHP with MySQL as backend.Thus, the script can be used in any kind of CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. As our script is in Core PHP language it is fast, stable, secure and easy to use.

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