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Local clone is script used by Ezydir for developing a directory with the appearance and features of Local.com.au

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Local clone- An enticing script for propelling an Online Directory

Local.com.au is an Australian online directory that lists the names and details of Local businesses that are active in Australia. The searches are designed category wise like Architects, Car Mechanics, Catering Services, Air Conditioning Experts and Graphic Design Experts etc. Advertising techniques change according to time, earlier the print media used to rule the market but with the advent of the television and the Internet media everything has changed. People have become the slaves of technology. The internet based online business directories have rapidly replaced the printed versions. If you are planning to start an online business directory in your country, state or city then Ezydir’s Local clone script will be of great help. We will design and develop an exact copy of the Local.com.au with same features and representation so that you can generate unlimited revenue from your clients and visitors.

Generate Revenue from Online Directories

Making money with an Online Directory is quite easy. You have list the details of all the businesses that function in your directory and for doing that the business owners will pay your certain sum. The job doesn’t end there, you have to make sure that people search for businesses from your directory. In order to take redirect people to the respective business of their choice,  you have to make sure that your directory is being seen and searched for by the people. For doing so you have to put yourself in the shoes of the visitor. The easiest part of carrying an online search is that you don’t have to type an entire sentence or exact phrases, you only have to type few keywords that will display the results based on your keywords. So, in order to be seen you have to work on your SEO department and feed the keywords related to your directory.

Working with SEO is not an easy task, to know more about SEO techniques click here

Minimize your directory in a Mobile App

People prefer using apps more than accessing a web page on a web browser and therefore developing an app for your business is really important if you do not want to lose your clients. Mobile Apps gives larger visibility and importance to your Business more than a page on a web browser could give. App is always visible and accessible to the customers on their phones and that is the thing that wins the trust of the people. The main purpose that an app serves is that it connects the visitors with required business easily and quickly.

What Ezydir does?

The answer is almost everything. Ezydir is one of the leading web developers and we have been in this business for more than 6 years. We have clients from all over the world. We not only design and develop a directory for you but we also help you in getting higher greater search rankings and acquire more clients. Our job doesn’t end by just developing a site. We constantly remain in touch with our clients in strategizing their revenue techniques and update their websites with current features and make them the leader of their market.

Technology that Ezydir uses

Ezydir develops a script in open-source PHP with MySQL as backend.Thus, the script can be used in any kind of CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. As our script is in Core PHP language it is fast, stable, secure and easy to use.


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