Why Ezydir

Why Online Directories ?

Enlisting in an online directory is a traditional and effective method to raise traffic to your business. It is no doubt that internet economy is a strong one and that it is proliferating at unanticipated paces. That being the case every business, big or small must have a sizable visibility online and online-directories are just the way for that. Enlisting your products and services in the directories not only offers competent spaces but also increases the possibility of your business being picked up for results by major search engines as they are now increasingly stemming their results from directory based sites that are reliable information providers. In addition going for directories that are exclusive to your industry or locale increases your prominence further. Thus using web directories in order to imprint your brand name in the minds of the consumers and to increase the perceptibility is surely an inexpensive way of driving traffic to your site.

Why Ezydir ?

  • Listing your business with Ezydir is easy, convenient and it booms your online presence to a wide demography.
  • Our Directory script is a multipurpose script and can be made into a business directory, local directory site, hotel directory, membership directory and many more of your choice.
  • Ezydir's flexible field management provision enables the user to completely customize the fields to be used for the submission of listings.
  • Ezydir is available in three discrete packages to cater to the requirements of different clients.
  • It is an SEO friendly php directory script that reassures you of top rankings in search engines. It creates valid inbound links that lead readers and potential customers to your site.
  • It can generate recurring revenue from paid listings and banner Advertisements.
  • Being full-featured it manages numerous modules such as listings, classifieds, B2B, deals, events, blogs, jobs, etc.
  • Ezydir supports Theme Customization enabling the user to adjust layouts, control colors, build custom search and do many more according to the theme of the directory.
  • It offers Customized Programming allowing changes to be made to the default setup of the directory based on the users’ needs.
  • Featuring Powered by Removal we enable users to replace our graphic file with their own logo.
  • It allows for Application Programming Interface (API) for listings and deals.
  • Ezydir lets the user send bulk email notifications.
  • It features Zone Based Banner Management allowing effective administration of ads on the site.
  • Ezydir allows unlimited number of custom pages.
  • Additional Payment Gateways feature makes plausible convenient modes of payment.