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Sports and Recreation directory lists the names and details of sports and recreation clubs where people could enroll themselves for fitness training and sports

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Create a platform for finding best Sports and Recreation clubs

People are always in look out for Sports and Recreations centers to stay fit and to stay robust. Sports and recreation centers  consists of various indoor and outdoor pursuits, leisure centres, games and activities. People do not want to have a disease that will make them bedridden. The Sports and Recreation industry is a huge business. The Gym and Sports Club sectors include members who are higher than average earners, younger singles or couples without children. In the recent years the Leisure and fitness centres have changed according to the new demands in order to maintain visitor numbers at an optimum level. Many of them offer healthy food and drinks to promote healthy living. At Ezydir we help you create and run an online business directory. We not only design and develop a new one but we also create a clone of an existing directory. For example if you like a directory and want your directory to be the same then we create an exact copy of that directory with same features and design.

Make Money with an Online Business Directory

There are various types of Businesses in the world but the least effortless job where you do not have to move from one place to another is an Online Business directory. There are different ways of making money with an online directory. First you have to choose, what kinds of businesses you want to show in your directory. The details displayed on your directory are called Business Listings. You get paid by the business owners for giving them visibility on your website. You can offer them Deals and packages for Business Listings if your website is well received by the visitors.

Classifieds and Ads can be posted on your directory. A web page is normally not left blank or unfilled. Website owners try to make the maximum out of it. You can provide the empty space on your directory for post advertisements. You can earn more money depending on the space for example upper portion of a web page has more chances for people finding the ad when compared to the section below. Allow your sponsors to post images and videos in the section allowed to them and can charge extra money for providing this facility.

Payment Gateways and Social Media

You can make the transaction between your sponsors and clients by providing integration with various payment gateways. People can buy services directly from your directory and they do not have to meet the seller in person and make the payment. Ezydir is integrated with various payments gateways and we provide best services to our customers. Social Media platforms have also become a place for business promotion. You can also make use of this opportunity and let your sponsors promote their business on social media by integrating your directory with these platforms.

Mobile App development

As we said, we take care of our customers and make sure that they are profited by our services. To help them expand their business we also develop mobile applications that run on iOS and Android platforms. Mobile apps are preferred more by people because it is easier and faster to access. The loading time in mobile apps are lesser than the amount taken by web browsers. Above all apps provide a credibility to a business and attracts more customers.

Ezydir provides a complete package

Ezydir is a directory creating software and we have creating directories for various businesses for the past 6 years. Ezydir is a full-fledged online directory that allows higher accessibility of information online. A fully featured and highly customizable application that runs on PHP. It helps popularize product and business fields. Ezydir can be used to create Local directory, Matrimonial directory, classifieds, Hotel and restaurants directory and more.


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