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Allow clients to post exciting property deals on land, house, office space etc. and charge them a fee on daily or monthly basis. Internet has become a place where anything can be found just by sitting at your place. Create your own directory website with the help of Ezydir and post listings and ads to earn huge revenue.

What is Real Estate Directory?

Real estate directory is the bridge between the customers and the sellers. Real estate directory provides the list of properties for sale. There are different types of properties like raw land or a fully furnished house or apartments, through which you can make substantial amount of money. People nowadays have turned to the Internet because most of the business deals occur online and Internet is a hub for many real estate sites. A fascinating website can create or generate a property deal. All you need to do is that create your directory and get clients to post their listings on it and charge them for it.

How Ezydir helps you to set up your directory?

Ezydir offers stunning, seo friendly, location-based directory for any kind business. We have expertise in designing various business directories. We make sure that our customers worldwide are satisfied and all their requirements are met in time. We help you design and create your online directory with salient features that will tempt people to buy services from your directory.

Real Estate directory features

Search and Filter

Provide users a keyword based search and filter option that will allow them to search and locate a property easily and rapidly.

Specified Listings

Enable your advertisers to create real estate listings with details like images, reviews, facts and locations.

User Dashboard

User friendly dashboard allows your users to post real estate ads and it also provides a contact management system to answer the doubts and queries.

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