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What is Local Search Directory?

Local search directory consists the list of local businesses in your place like supermarkets, theatres, malls, or small vendors such as electricians, grocery stores or mechanics. The business owners list their details in the local search directory so that people can easily find the location locally. All local businesses, from plumbers & builders to florists & accountants can improve their businesses and make more money by listing thier business in local search directory. It allows local businesses to promote their services to local customers at exactly the time they’re looking for your type of business. Setting up your Directory website is as easy as installing ezydir importing Directory, and that’s it–add content d go live. Monetizing your Directory website is wonderfully simple and intuitive, with predesigned ad revenue system-friendly layouts and templates that adapt to the most popular ad placement networks on the market. Go with Directory today, the smartest choice for listings on the planet!


With ezydir  you can build Yellow Pages type of sites,local search engine directories city guides, local businesses classifieds and so on.Publish your Local Search Engine with ezydir that maximizes advertising revenue.

Ezydir is an eye-catching directory software for local business directory, Yellow pages and business listing sites. It is loaded with features and options using which you can promote and showcase your local business, products and services online. With Ezydir you can easily set up an online directory portal. You can categorize listing items of any type like companies, shops, websites and much more. Ezydir’s functions can easily be understood. It is flexible, updated with technological advancements, resourceful, modern and easily customizable, user and developer friendly, responsive multi purpose directory software. Working with Ezydir absolutely requires no coding knowledge. Though Ezydir is primarily designed for business listing, it can also be used for creating a website to list the top attractions in your locality like tourist spots, nightlife destinations, theme parks , property listings, automobile listings  etc. Ezydir’s design adjusts impeccably on any device such as desktop, tablets and mobile phones to provide site visitors an remarkable viewing experience.

Ezydir’s Bookmarking system also allow users and potential buyers save a listing. Users can search for a listing by a location or zip code and view a map of all the local listings. The User can create submissions without logging into the admin interface and share or visit a listing’s social media sites. It is fully integrated with Google Maps, the visitors will find it easy to find the places they are looking for and view all the listings available.

Since each listing has its own custom marker on the interactive map, the visitors could see upfront other facilities and amenities close to their area of interest before they zoom in the map and click through to the individual listings for more details. Other excellent features included in this software are: user profile pages for members, rating support,staff filter, full-screen map view, detail page for each listing. Ezydir includes easy search feature, PayPal  and stripe integration, Social share buttons, Pricing Tables, Claims, Coupons, Currencies, Directions, FAQ, Favorites, Fields, Google Map, Google Places, Invoices, Listing Slider, Mail Templates, Notifications, Packages, Partners, Pricing, Properties, Reviews, Shop,Statistics, Stripe, Testimonials and  built-in user location setups, distance calculators, zip code searches, radius searches and on/off Google Map listing enhancements. Ezydir has a built in user membership system that enables you to restrict page access, limit content displays to different membership types and charge a single recurring payment for multiple listing submissions.

This allows users to have their own space where they can manage their directory listings and adjust their payment and account details. Ezydir user a full-fledged front-end that is stuffed with profiles, registration, password management, listing views and all the wonderful features. It also includes Easy Admin for simplifying item administration. The powerful front-end incorporates a fully functional user registration, login and user profile systems, so the visitors don’t have to go to Ezydir’s  back-end as they browse, post and update the directory website.

Revenue generation is the ultimate goal of any successful directory. You may charge for content submission, as you are always working to improve your bottom line. Ezydir has a flexible toolset that allows owners to offer many payment plans such as recurring fees, subscriptions and trial runs.

The payment plans are handled with professionalism, and are compatible  with Stripe and PayPal. You only need to configure the price, as the rest of the system is put in place. Creating your own professional quality business directory website has never been this easy or this quick. With Business Directory, you will see your traffic increase overnight, and along with it you can also see your profit.

Brilliant features to start a Local Search Directory 

Directory SEO Features 

a) Advanced SEO features, Built in!

A directory website has unlimited listings and it is not manually possible to write SEO fields for all the listings but Ezydir SEO automatically writes the SEO details for all the listings present in a directory, in a search engine friendly way so that all the listings appear on the search engines results without any problem.

b) Search Engine Friendly Urls

A URL is a text that was designed to be read by humans, it replaces the numbers that is the IP addresses that are used by the computers to interact with the servers. They also identify the file structure on the given website. Ezydir included the Directory Listing Responsive Word press Theme in our directories so that it becomes engine friendly from the initial stage itself. It offers URLs that attract search engines and come in the search results. 


Lead Generation

There are basically two types of lead generation.

a) If a sponsors pays more money, then their listings appear on the top that increases the chance of more sales.

b) The admin can inform the business owners that a certain amount of people are interested in services and products offered by the owner and in order to forward those leads the admin can charge the business owners. 

Custom Fields

Custom Fields refer to the sub categories and option that are included in a Business Listing. For example- if you own a Hotel Directory then your sponsor can list his hotel’s name in your directory as well as he can display the fields like availability of rooms or other services like pick up and drop, food etc. This feature is in built in the directories developed by Ezydir.

Monetize Your Directory

Use your directory as a platform for postings advertisements and banners. A web page is never empty. People use the smallest available place for making money, then why can’t you? Apart from the Listings space you can use the remaining space on page for postings ads and banners of various businesses. This is a promotional technique used by various companies and this may result in your revenue generation rate. You can charge the sponsors different rates depending on the space on your directory.

Claim Listings

A soon as you have uploaded the Business Listings in a directory, you have to assert or claim them in the search engines like Google and Bing. If your Listings appear on a directory disregarding the fact that you have uploaded it or not, you have to claim it.

Rating and Review System

Ezydir offers to its clients the option of rating and review where the visitors can rate a particular listings and write reviews about it. The admin can charge the sponsors for availing this facility on their listing page and it will benefit the admin this option is made available to the directory. Visitors can write their experience on browsing your directory.

Social Media Sharing 

Social Media is no longer a platform where people build their social relations but now it is being used as platform for promoting business. Social media escalates your efforts so that you get introduced to world and engage a wider audience to grow your business. Ezydir integrates a directory with Social Media platforms so that Admin as well the Sponsors get to promote their respective services. Admin can of course charge the sponsors for giving the platform for promotion.

Google Integrations

Ezydir creates directories integrated with various google services like- Google map: visitors can browse the location of the sponsors through your directory. Google Analytics: Admin can check the flow of traffic on his/her directory through google analytics and take necessary SEO steps for visibility over search engines and for attracting more visitors. Google Sitemap: your directory and all the internal links will automatically be submitted on Google sitemap.


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