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Time changes and things change with time. Internet is a platform that has had its effect on every aspect of life. We cannot imagine a world without Internet. People are always in search of a job and what better way of business it could be than providing a directory of companies with vacancies. The days are gone when people used to travel far away in search of a job with their resumes. Nowadays online job searching websites like,, JobsCentral Malaysia, Splashfind and many more have helped people find a suitable job with regard to their qualifications. Ezydir can help you develop an exact clone of these websites or a unique individual directory and you can generate revenue from your sponsors.

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When you run a business it is really important in today's world maintain an online website that makes your presence authentic, but How about making a website your business? Ezydir helps you with that by developing a world class directory with astonishing features.

Ezydir is a full-fledged online directory that allows higher accessibility of information online. A fully featured and highly customizable application that runs on PHP. It helps popularize product and business fields. Ezydir can be used to create Local directory, Matrimonial directory, classifieds, Hotel and restaurants directory and many more.

Ezydir is built in PHP and MYSQL. It has some fantastic features namely listing, classifieds, Article, Deals, Events, Blog that help you in generating revenue from the sponsors.

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