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Using Ezydir’s Freelancer Directory you’ll find a range of top talent, from programmers to designers, writers, customer support reps, editors, sub-editors, designers, illustrators, photographers, broadcasters, scriptwriters, web designers, translators, trainers and researchers and much more.

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Benefits of freelancer directory  


  • Start by posting a job.  Tell us about your project and the specific skills required.

  • We analyse your needs. Our search functionality uses data science to highlight freelancers based on their skills, helping you find talent that’s a good match.

  • We send you a shortlist of likely candidates. You can also search our site for talent, and freelancers can view your job and submit proposals too.

  • The advanced search options. allows you to find freelances having a given skill, covering a specialist subject, by nation or region and to search by names and keywords.

  • Browse profiles. You can choose your freelancers by viewing their profiles to see client ratings, portfolios, Job Success scores, and more.

  • Review proposals. Evaluate bids, taking into account each freelancer’s qualifications, thought process, timeline, and overall cost.

  • Schedule a chat. Ask specific questions, determine who is the best fit, and contract.

  • Accessibility. Mobile app makes it easier for customers to access.

  • Social Integration.  Provides the best and the fastest method of promotion through social media

                  What kind of work can I get done?

The Freelancer directory have experts representing every technical, professional and creative field, providing a full range of solutions. So any work can be done:

  • Whether it’s a Small job or large jobs or anything in-between
  • Whether it’s Fixed price or hourly terms
  • Whether it’s Specific skills, cost and schedule requirements

Just give us the details of your project. We will vet your requirements with our freelancers. We will get it done faster, better, and low-cost than you could possibly imagine. Your jobs can be as big or small as you like, and be fixed price or hourly. You can even specify the schedule, costs, and milestones.

                           How does it work?

1. Post your project details: It's always free to post your project. Invite our freelancers to submit bids, or browse relevant freelancers and make an offer. You'll have replies to your job within minutes!

2. Choose the perfect freelancer: You can choose a freelancer based on their profile and ratings.

  • Browse freelancer profiles
  • Chat in real-time
  • Compare proposals and ratings and select the best one
  • Hand over your project and your freelancer goes to work

3. Pay when you are satisfied: Your Payment can be safely done according to the schedule of goals you set, or pay only upon completion. You are in control, so you get to make the decisions.

4. Keep in Contact: Stay in touch with your freelancer or client whenever you have questions, updates, or have something to share. Control the completion of projects, and payments. Only release your payment when benchmarks are met, or when a project is completed to your satisfaction.


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