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Events directory lists the details of upcoming events in a locality and people could also make advance bookings

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Wondering why Events Directory?

Events are always the point of attraction for people. Be it a musical, events, award ceremony, cultural event or patriotic event, people always turn themselves in for these events.  Running an Events directory is lucrative business because events happen all the time and they are always in need of audience. Event organizers will list their details on your directory so that people could reach them at once. Listing the events details earn you good revenue because people will frequently visit your website for updates, therefore more traffic will lead to more revenue. You can charge a fixed price per event. Ezydir can help you develop an Events directory with add on features that will take your business to the top. Api integration is available and social media integration is also available so that the information can also be shared on social media platforms. Visitors can also provide their reviews on your portal.

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Online Booking Plugin

Ezydir will provide you a online booking plugin within your directory where people can not only update themselves with upcoming events but also can make bookings online. Booking option will be provided beside the events information, which when clicked will take the visitors to a new page where the booking and payment can be made. You can charge your sponsors  for providing this plugin or can take a share from the tickets sold.

Social Media Integration

Ezydir is always up to date and that is what we supply to our customers. Social media is platform that connects people from all over the world. We provide social media integration in the directory so that the sponsors could share their information directly from your directory. The sponsors can be charged for giving this option.

About Ezydir

Ezydir is a full-fledged online directory that allows higher accessibility of information online. A fully featured and highly customizable application that runs on PHP. It helps popularize product and business fields. Ezydir can be used to create Local directory, Matrimonial directory, classifieds, Hotel and restaurants directory and more.

Ezydir is built in PHP and MYSQL. It has some fantastic features namely listing, classifieds, Article, Deals, Events, Blog that help you in generating revenue from the sponsors.

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