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Article directories are a great way for gaining some traction for a new web page or brand, generating buzz about a product, and generating back links for your site.

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What is an Article Directory?

Article Directory is useful as people post articles and various important information that can reach millions of people around the world. An online  article directory is a website that has collections of articles written about different subjects and sometimes they are also referred as content farms. People who are interested in to increase their traffic use these article directories to make postings about their businesses. Ezydir is an online directory creating software and we help you develop your own articles directory. We will also design and develop an exact copy of an existing article directory with same features and appearance so that you can generate unlimited revenue from your clients.

Types of Articles Directory

Free Directories

Free directories allow users to post content freely on their sites. These directories are free because they are not very much visible over the internet therefore there are less chances that visitors will get to read the articles posted by the user. Free directories are not very popular.

Paid Directories

Paid article directories are popular and they have more users and higher search engine rankings when compared to free directories. Paid directories charge their clients on monthly or yearly basis. Paid Directories have more members because of their search engine visibility.

Features of Articles Directory

Lead Generation

There are basically two types of lead generation. First lead generation is priority based. For example- If a sponsors pays more money, then their listings appear on the top that increases the chance of more sales. In second type of lead generation the admin receives a request from a visitor which he/she forwards to the sponsor for a fixed price.

Social Sharing

Social Media is a platform that is used by everyone these days. It has connect the world together. It has not only benefitted people personally but it has also benefitted people professionally. The users could use this option to share their articles on social media platforms for promotion and can invite their friends as well.

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