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An online Pet Directory gives people access to the details of various Pet shops, animal hospitals and accessories shop etc.

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Provide home to a homeless with an Online Pet Directory

An Online Pet Directory is a place where people could find their best friends in pets. Pet Animals and Humans have a long history of amazing friendship. People are always in look out for pets like dogs, cats and birds etc. and an Online Pet directory is the right spot to look for. Pet directory compasses the list of various pets and pet shops, pet hospitals, Pet Photography, Pet Services and Pet Transportation etc. along with the contact details. Users can search and filter their requirements and they can get in touch with the owners and negotiate the price of the pet. You can list all kinds of pet animals who are in need of a home and a loving owner. Ezydir designs and develops an online directory and we will certainly set up a fascinating directory with features that will boost up your revenue. Ezydir also creates a clone of websites if the owner wants us to. We have a clone script for almost all the online directories and we just want you to communicate your ideas and we will get it done for you.

7 remarkable features that your

Online Pet Directory will  have

Advanced Search

The users and visitors will have access to advanced search so that they easily locate the pet they are looking for. Advanced search option allows users to filter their searches based on city, state country and categories like Pet shops, suppliers, accessories, pet care services, shelters, adoption centers and many more.

Browse by categories

A directory does not only contain the details of a pet shop but it has various categories like, Hospitals for AnimalS, Washing and Sanitizing, Transportation, Animal parks, Pet accessories shops, Pet trainers, Pet shelters and Pet insurance etc. your directory becomes a multipurpose directory which will satisfy the needs of the people.

Articles and News

The Article and News section allows the admin as well as the sponsors to freely post articles on various topics such as “Types of food for pets,” “Pets Behavioural patterns,” “Training your pets” etc. These articles will be of interest to thousands of visitors who are planning to understand their pets and maintain a healthy environment & relationship with them.

Lost and Found

It is very common that pets often get lost and their owners get stressed about it. Lost page will enable people to post the pictures of the pets with necessary details and the contact info of the owner in case of a lost pet. In the Found section people who encounter pets without owners can post the details so that if the owner is looking for it then he/she can easily locate it.

Search Pet names

People consider their pets as a family member and they love to name them. Pet names are generally different and bizarre. You can post different pet names or allow your sponsors, users and visitors to create an account to post pet names that can be seen by people who are looking for a name for their pet.


Events section can be accessed by the admin and the sponsors where they can put up information about an upcoming event like a dog show or a horse race etc. Visitors can view this information and can turn themselves up for the event.

Social Media

Nowadays all the businesses use social media like Facebook, twitter and Instagram for promotional purposes then why can’t you? The admin and the sponsors can share the information about listings, events, articles and blogs so that they can get more traffic and clients.

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