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Entertainment directory has the list of various entertainment related businesses where people could take their time out from their busy professional lives and have some fun time with their friends or families

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Numerous Entertainment portals in an Online

Entertainment Directory

Entertainment refers to the act of getting out of your tiresome and pressurizing workplace and indulge in some fun activities that will ease your mind and soul. There are various entertaining stuff that people could do like watch movies, visit theme parks or zoos, go to a club, attend a concert or a magic show, or do some adventure sports. An Online Entertainment directory guides people in finding the right entertainment spot they are looking for. People have different tastes and they also have different forms of entertaining themselves. Your online Entertainment directory serves the needs of the people. Ezydir has expertise in developing various online directories and websites. We will help you create an Online entertainment directory where people can have access to various Entertainment based information. Your sponsors can put up their details on your directory and your users can use the details to connect with them easily. Organize your directory with different categorize helping your users in quickly finding the desired listing.

How does an Entertainment Directory work?

The Entertainment Directory is divided into 2 User classes and they are Business and User or Visitor:

  • In the Business section the users or sponsors will be able to list or create their own Business page. Inbuilt gallery will allow the sponsors to upload pictures and videos related to their respectives businesses. Sponsors can create and upload various deals and offers as part of promotion that will pop up on the screens of the users using which they can access and choose the best deal.
  • User section allows users to view a Business listing and contact the concerned authority. Users can write the reviews about their experience in the place.

3 striking features in an Online Entertainment Directory

to look forward to

Search & Filter

Search and Filter option allow users to easily sort out their search based on categories like by price, location etc. Users can easily search for their desired entertainment place like a pub or theme park based on the location or based on the price. They can view the distance between the places by switching their GPS system on.

Social Integration

Social Media is a platform that is used by everyone these days. It has connect the world together. It has not only benefitted people personally but it has also benefitted people professionally. The sponsors could use this option to share their information on social media platforms for promotion and invite friends as well.

Events Update

Events section can be updated by the sponsors. Events like a party, a concert, an award ceremony or a sports event are always happening and people are eager to attend one. People who are new to a place or on a holiday can use Entertainment directory to get information of these events and take themselves to the venue.

What else do we create?

Mobile Applications

Mobile phones are used more than Desktop computers or Laptops hence mobile applications come handy. We develop mobile application that enhances the identity of your directory makes people trust it more. Mobile apps have GPS and Google support that will enable user to have a smooth transition via app. The important aspect of developing app is to connect your business with clients.

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