Users & Sponsors Management

Allow Users and Sponsors to set up a profile and manage their Listings

Users and Sponsors can create a profile and manage their pages. Users have the liberty to write reviews on Sponsor's Listings and Sponsors can block spammers and inappropriate content

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An easy profile management system for the Users and the Sponsors

Ezydir’s User management system allows the Users or Visitors to create a profile and update their pictures and personal details along with their favourite Listings and Reviews. The admin can decide the roles of the Users like who can have access to a particular function.

The Sponsor management system in Ezydir allows the  sponsors to create their own listings and upload photos in the gallery. They can pay the charges and auto renewal option proves to be effortless to both the Admin and the Sponsor. The sponsors can track the traffic details and leads of their listings and they can also reply to reviews of the users and visitors.

Features of User Backend


Visitor’s Profile

Visitors can upload their names, addresses and other basic informations about themselves. They can also upload the details of their social media pages.


Review Section

The Visitor are allowed to write reviews about the services and they can also make it public so that others could also see it.


Content Management

Admin has the authority of managing the content of the visitor’s account. Admin can disable the content if it is found as inappropriate or a spam.


Features of Sponsor Backend


Review Update and Sharing

Sponsors get notified via email whenever there is a new review on their listing. Integration with Social media platforms are available so that sponsors can share the reviews on their social media pages.


Featured Listings

The Sponsors can keep their lower level listings on the top with the Featured Listings option. This will increase the visibility ration and business.


Data Inventory

Sponsors can check the statistical report of their Listings where they can see the number of visitors and they can apply the settings of receiving these reports on a weekly or monthly basis.

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