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Payment Gateway helps you in secure transaction of money and it has access to leading payment gateway like PayPal, Stripe and Authorize.Net

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Payment Gateways

The days are gone when payments were made either directly or through DDs and Cheques, Nowadays online transaction have become common and secure. People do not need to meet in person or go to a bank to deposit a cheque or DD, they can just wire the amount from their account to the clients' accounts with ease. With all the online payment platforms money transfer becomes very easy. Sponsors can collect their share of revenue through Payment Gateways like Paypal, Worldpay and Itransact. Sponsors can integrate their websites with these gateways and without any hussle can check the transactions. The sponsors can even track the records of all the transaction made.

Online Payments and Revenue Reports


Ready-to-go Payment Support

Ezydir supports Paypal - top leading internet payment system. Simply type your Paypal information to the ezydir admin end, and you're ready to go forward with payment transaction. We can also integrated different payment gateways depending on clients' location


Accept Credit Card Gateways

Ezydir deals with a number of credit card gateways from various systems through different Payment Gateways and API Keys around the world.


Privacy Protection Enabled

Ezydir does not store payment details & data in the system, so you don't have to worry about fraudulence & stealing sensitive data.


Track Revenue

Keep the records of online transaction and can review the report on weekly or monthly basis.


Secure & Modern Checkout

Ezydir connects with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) that allows you to setup a certificate to encrypt connections between the browser and server during checkout.

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