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API management and Application integrations

Our job is to make the transition seamless, leaving your users with a flawless experience. API integration helps to connect your directory with other websites.

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What is API Integration?

(Application programming interface)

API is a software-to-software interface that allows different groups to talk to each other without having any previous user knowledge or intervention. It runs the processes secretly in order to maintain privacy and people cannot see the process happening. In order to have a unified experience, the contemporary world wants you integrate and interface a 3rd party software with your website. The admin as well as the sponsors can also provide their APIs to other companies and make money out of it.

Integrate your directory with multiple platforms


Ezydir is API Integrated

An integration from sponsor's social feed, an interactive map for sponsor's attraction; these can all help share sponsor's story and inspire customers to make a purchase or dig deeper. Ezydir is integrated with APIs like Google, Facebook, twitter, Google Map etc, If you need help with integrating a third party software into your directory, we're just the people to do it. We are already integrated with Yelp, Tripadvisor, Payment Gateway APIs, Mailchimp, etc.

 Third Party API Integration

A third party API integration interface is a key provided by 3rd party software dealer with all the technical details required by the programmers to integrate software to an application. Once the dealer provides API key for the software then the sponsors can integrate it to the software according to their needs.

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