Oilfield Directory Script

Create an Online OIlfield directory with Ezydir

Ezydir's Oilfield directory script can design and create an online oilfield directory, listing the details of people in oil business.

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A database of Oilfield Industries

Oil and Gas are the two most important types of fuel which keeps the world going and without it the world may go back to the stone age where people still use stones to light fire. These industries are major money making industries hence they are always in demand. A directory is something that will give you a considerable percent from the profit these industries make by listing their details in the directory. People turn to directories when they dont have a particular name or they want more option. In such cases directories turn very useful by redirecting the visitors to the oilfiled industries' websites.


Oilfield Directory Script

One of the important forms of fuel is oil. Oil plays very important in the world for many day-to-day purposes. Oilfield business is in the top position in the world. Why don't you take your business presence in online? Oil consumption and need is growing every day.

Oilfield directory portal serves you as platform to get or post information about the businesses available in the industry. Oilfield directory script is available with us and the name of our script is "Ezydir." We have developed oil directory website to many of our clients.

Our directory script is available with list of features such as Listings, Events, Classifieds, Articles, Deals and Blog.

All our portals are developed in the way that it is comfortable surfing the site in all kinds of devices. Our script is developed in opensource PHP/MySQL combination. Coding are written in a bug free manner and it can be customized to modify the features according to your requirement.

Oilfield directory script sample - http://oilfielddirectory.com/

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