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Create a Local Publishers’ Directory with Ezydir

Local Publishers’ Directory consists of the details of publishing companies so that people who are looking for a publisher to publish the information through print media like newspapers, books, journals or through online media like e-books or e-journals etc. Ezydir is the script for creating an online Local Publishers’ Directory. Ezydir offers various advantages to our clients using which they make unlimited profit. We also develop mobile applications so that your directory reaches maximum number of audience.If you want us to create a clone of an existing directory then we can also help you by developing one of your choice. We are experts in creating clones of websites with exact same features and additional features too.

Features of a Publishers’ Directory

Listing Categories

The Sponsors can post their listings and they can categorize and subcategorize their postings. eg. if you  have categorized your listings based on countries and then you can subcategorize the listings on basis of State or City which will help visitors to find the desired listings with ease. Not only by location, you can categorize your listings based on Subject, Media, Language and publishing services. These features attract more traffic because it eases the user’s job by sorting out everything.

Administration Panel

Admin panel allows the advertisers to put up and remove ads as a part of their product endorsement. The advertisers can post ads about their business which will be helpful for the users. Sometimes we accidentally visit a website and it turn out to be useful. Such things happen because of advertisements. You can get paid for providing such traffic to other websites.

Blog Section

Writing blogs is an interesting way of attracting visitors to your web site. Blogs talk important things about your site that may sound interesting to the visitors and might tempt them to know more about a Business. Ezydir allows the option of posting blogs in the publishers’ directory. User reviews and comments section allows users to rate and type their experience  on your directory which will help your sponsors in getting more clients.


You can allow the sponsors to post the details of upcoming events and literary festivals. These information may of interest to your users. They can keep themselves updated about the upcoming events from your directory and make themselves present on the event date.

What else do we do?

App Development

Ezydir is one of the leading web developers  and we are not only specialized in developing websites but we also develop mobile applications on special demands from our esteemed clients. We will not only help you in setting up a business directory but also develop a mobile app for your site if you require one. Mobile apps provide authenticity to a business because most of the people use mobile phones or tablets to access internet and using an app is much more easier and comfortable that browsing each page of a web directory.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We handle SEO work for our clients upon request. In order to get displayed on the top of the search engine results your website or directory must have relevant content with appropriate keywords, images and tags. We make sure that all these things are there in each of your pages and upload these links to different top publishing  websites so that it becomes easy for the search engines to crawl your site and display in the search results.

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