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Online Marketplace is a directory of products and services offered by different retailers and wholesalers.

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What is Digital Online Marketplace?

Digital Online Marketplace is a platform where dealers (Retailers and Wholesalers) from around the world post the details and pricing of the products and services that they offer. As an Admin you can list those sellers in your directory and charge them with monthly or yearly fee so that their names and products come up in the search list. Even after listing the seller's details, there is a lot of space left and that  can be used to display ads and banners and by clicking on that the visitor wiill get redirected to that web page. For providing a space for ads and banners the sponsors will pay you. Ezydir helps you to set up your online Marketplace to conduct sales.

Digital Online Marketplace- A platform for Retailers and Wholesalers

Market place is play ground where you could sell products, buy products, assigning work for your product etc. Recently, a new sites named freelancer and elance, appeared to be the most famous online market place. With these sorts of online business ideas you are in a possible position of generating revenue with listings, advertisements, sale promotions and marketing campaigns.

You will also be earning a percentage of amount as commission on every transactions that occurs in your marketplace. You could also generate revenue by tweaking the profile of every users into premium profile and a normal profile and can restrict features and reward programs.

We are not here to sell your product, we are here to explain you that we can shape your future with our business solutions. We can create you website as an unique one. Our expert team will be supporting your need and to create your website with a different touch and can be with you in your long run to help you reach and scale new heights with your business endeavors.

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