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What is an online classified listing?

Classified Landing Sites is where you can find every thing you need. For example, if you are a job seeker or a property seller or any other service provider, you can find anything here. You will come across all displayed advertisements of businesses to choose from. This is the destination for sellers and buyers for selling and buying products. If you have a business through this you can drive traffic to your site. It is very simple to understand that how the classified ads work. A businessman puts his ad online in the middle of similar kinds of advertisements. A buyer who wishes to buy the products searches through the ad lists and find one suitable advertisement.

How does it work?

Classified listing is an essential business selling trick to maintain their online presence. One of the efficient way to get you website online presence is to get enlisted in the top ranks of the search engine results (online classified listings).

5 striking features in an Online Classified Directory

to look forward to

  1. Featured Ads: most efficient way to grab readers attention. Good SEO campaign, large client base and unique ideas are the core of business success. So featured ads focuses on these.

  2. Move Ads to top (special listing):  placing your ads in a better position than the similar ones.

  3.  Advertising banners: We make sure that your content is unique, attractive and up to date and targeting huge people.

  4. Affiliates Links: If your classifieds website is specific to a certain niche, you can sign an agreement with interested sellers. And you could can agree on certain terms, for example Pay per traffic conversion, A monthly fee just to have their link there, Getting a commission by offering coupons for their products and so on.

  5. Premium Membership: You can give some added features to your customers on monthly payment. Some simple ideas for memberships offered like:  Give some featured/move to top ads, Give a credit for posting in pay-to-post categories, Simply be able to post in your website, Monthly/yearly subscriptions, Discounts on any feature and so on. This helps you to get huge customer base.

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