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Yellowpages Clone is a script by which a copy website with same features and looks can be developed by Ezydir at a reasonable price if the client demands

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Start your Local Business Directory with clone script is a Local Business directory operating Australia. It provides the list of all the businesses like restaurants, hotels, mechanics, dentists, electricians, beauty  salons and many more that function in Australia. By using the Yellopages clone script Ezydir can develop an exact replica of Yellowpages with same features and looks. As an added advantage ezydir can also offer additional features if the client demands. We create a clone at a reasonable price and the website we create is SEO friendly.

Ezydir's Clone script

Yellowpage clone script is a directory script that allows you to create a complete yellowpage portal or website. You can create your portal easily by the set of script. It is built with PHP which is an SEO friendly coding language. The yellowpage portal not only acts as a yellowpage directory but also act as a business directory website.

Each listing page in the yellowpage directory will split into small websites. If a company or individual going to start a business can use yellowpage directory to achieve their goals. And it will be helpful to promote their business.

Yelp clone script from Ezydir is a set of script that allows you to develop exact clone of yelp website. To listing the local business and to connect business owners with public, the yelp clone is the right choice. User can get all the information of local business including opening hour, product, image, list of services and other detailed information.

It is the direct way to connect customers to business owners. Here people can share their experience in the form of reviews. We can add or remove some function in the yelp clone to make it better. Customer and owner can interact either private or public review function. We can get access of social networks for yelp clone. We can also post our complaints like posting questions in the complaint board.

It is not only a platform to connect customers and business owners but it is also serving as a money making website. We can get money by posting advertisements in this websites. Add-ons on our package enables you additional features to your website. Custom features will give you an option of modifying the modules as you want.

Ezydir has fantastic features namely listing, classifieds, articles, deals, events, blog. There will be some changes in each and every feature.

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