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Homeadvisor.com clone gets people connected with the professionals in Home improvement, maintenance and repair persons.

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Create a place for hiring professionals with Homeadvisor.com clone

Homeadvisor is an online directory that allows the home owners to locate and get in contact with home improvement, maintenance and repair professionals. Home owners can meet the professionals to complete their home improvement, maintenance and repair projects. Homeadvisor.com clone is a script with which Ezydir creates a clone of this website with same appearance and features. We work according to our clients's demands, we can include additional features to the website or we can exclude an existing feature and replace it with other feature if needed. An online directory is the best way of generating revenue from online businesses. You can team up with us to make the best use of our products and services. We assist you in every step you take. We remain in constant touch with our clients providing support and make modifications even after the project is completed.

Listing Categories

The Sponsors can post their listings and they can categorize and subcategorize their postings. eg. if you  have categorized your listings based on countries and then you can subcategorize the listings on basis of State or City which will help visitors to find the desired listings with ease.

Advertiser Administration Panel

Admin panel allows the advertisers to put up and remove ads as a part of their product endorsement. The advertisers can post ads about their specialities in the area of Home improvement in Homeadvisor.com clone directory which will be helpful for the visitors to locate.

Blog Section

Writing blogs is an interesting way of attracting visitors to your web site. Blogs talk important things about your site that may sound interesting to the visitors and might tempt them to know more about a Business. Ezydir allows the option of posting blogs in the Homeadvisor.com clone website by both the Admin and the Advertisers. User reviews and comments section allows users to rate and type their experience  on your directory which will help your sponsors in getting more clients.

SEO Features

Ezydir offers SEO features for every listing. Writing SEO details for every listings on the Homeadvisor.com clone site is practically impossible but with Ezydir’s advanced SEO this task becomes easy. Ezydir script automatically fills the SEO fields of the Listings. SEO features of Ezydir are search engine friendly and the directory comes up in the search engine results. Ezydir offers URLs that attract search engines and come in the search results.

Audio & Video Gallery

Sponsors can display their Listings with description and they can also upload their gallery with photos, Maps, thumbnail images & YouTube videos because photos and videos prove to be more helpful in engaging online visitor. Photos and Videos are an important traffic generators and Ezydir's Audio & Video Gallery feature applies the latest tags and SEO techniques which ensures that these photos and videos they come up in the Search Engine results.

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