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Flipkart Clone can be used to develop an online marketplace with the features and looks of Flipkart and additional features can also be incorporated.

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Create your Online Marketplace with Ezydir’s Flipkart Clone

Flipkart is one of leading online marketplaces functioning in India. Visitors can shop and buy anything that they want like accessories, mobile phone, computers, laptops, dresses, watches, sunglasses and much more. At Ezydir we use Flipkart clone script to create a replica of Flipkart for the customers who wish to establish a same Online Marketplace with exact features and looks. We can also provide additional features if need be. Ezydir has been in the directory business for the past 6 years and we know how to satisfy our clinets’s demands. We help you develop and run an online business directory with which you can generate high revenue from your sponsors

 Flipkart Clone-Your very own Online Marketplace

Flipkart is a gateway to the online market store and brings new portal for the modern age shopping, by purchasing product at user’s door front. Users are expecting to reduce their time through e-shopping, to avoid spending time in traffic while going to a mall.  Online shopping brings you variety of products and design to your system window. It also brings you a current trend, which you are about to purchase. So do you have any idea of creating your own digital marketplace business? We are here to help you by creating your own digital marketplace business with the help of Ezydir.

Why to go with ezydir ?

Ezydir is a customized toolbox through which we can create your digital marketplace business with the advanced customizations. Your directory will be built over strong code base. We have tested our script hundreds of time to make it bug free. Our experts are ready to create your own onlinemarket place business beyond your expectations.

Bells and rings:

We are using the multi vendor-system, in which all payment will be automated and be directed to concerned accounts.  We are also using the inventory management system to maintain the stock. Location based service helps your targeted audience to search their products with the particular location. Ezydir gives you a added features such as analytical charts, deep social media integration to brag about user’s favorite products. User will also be provided with dedicated dashboard to maintain their transaction history and to keep track of their product delivery. Vendor will have their own store dashboard to maintain their stocks and price settings.

With all these fetures we have much more thing to put in a showcase to explain you about our flipkart clone but wait , It will not be that much interesting to explain a product in words. We request you to give our product a spin.


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