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Iproperty clone can be created using Ezydir with the features of Iproperty website but at a reasonable price.

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Iproperty Clone

Iproperty is a real estate website majorly active in cities of  Malaysia. It helps people connect with properties, brokers, real estate agents and property developers. Iproperty is favourite among the real estate industry. It has the largest database of residential and commercial properties for sale and rent. It also provides property news and information about the resources that buyer, renter or seller will require to make a decision. If you are looking to start your own real estate portal then Ezydir is the script that you depend on. Ezydir is on local business directory creating software and we can create an Iproperty clone with exact same features and functions of Iproperty. Iproperty clone will cost much more less money when created using ezydir software. We can also incorporate some additional features on special demands. Location based access to information will be available so that the visitors can find what they are looking for, with ease.

Prime features of Iproperty Clone

Property Locator

Property Locator is search option that will help people is easily locating a property in their desired location. The visitors could filter their searches into categories like state, city, residential or commercial, pricing and square feet. The visitors can check  the distance between the properties by switching their GPS system on.

Google Support

Aerospace directory will be integrated with Google services like Google map so that users could locate the details of a particular listing, Google sitemap & Google Analytics which will allow the admin to check the incoming traffic to the directory and sponsors can get the statistical report of viewers who viewed their listing. Google Captcha is also integrated for Human verification.

Advanced SEO

Ezydir offers several SEO Benefits like inbound links. SEO strategies help in improving the status of their Reals estate or any other website in the search engine crawlers. The higher search engine ranking your Directory gets, the more people are going to click on the website link. Using Ezydir’s SEO strategies you can get higher search engine rankings which will get you more traffic. It is easy to get free members on a directory and hard to get paid members because they need a proof that their investment is worthy. Advanced SEO strategies used by Ezydir will help your Real Estate Directory get maximum views.

Social Sharing and Review System

Social sharing can be integrated because social media is a world leading phenomena and people use it everyday. It has become a platform for promotion and marketing. Ezydir includes these facilities in the directory which will enable the owner to generate more revenue. As an admin you can offer the space for user review in your real Estate Directory, where the users and visitors can write reviews on the sponsors’ page. This becomes helpful for the sponsors because it may attract more traffic if they get positive reviews about their services.

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