An application programming interface (API) is a software program that facilitates interaction with other software programs.

What is an Api?

An Application Program Interface or API is a code that allows two software programs to communicate with each other. In other words APIs are sets of requirements that govern how one application can talk to another. The API defines the correct way for a developer to write a program that requests services from an operating system or other application. APIs are implemented by function calls composed of verbs and nouns.The required syntax is described in the documentation of the application being called.

APIs are not a new concept.whenever you use a desktop or laptop, APIs are what make it possible to move information between programs—for instance, by cutting and pasting a content Office document into an Excel spreadsheet, system-level APIs makes it possible for applications like Office to run on top of an OS like Windows in the first place.

Every time you want to access a set of data from an application, you have to call the API. But there is only a certain amount of data the application will let you access, so you have to communicate to the operator in a very specific language which unique to each application.

Why do you need APIs for a Business?

Do you use an application that tells you what the current traffic looks like? Or how about an app that shows when the next bus will be at your stop? Most tools like these rely on open APIs to run and pull the most accurate data. Those are both good examples of how open APIs might help you in your everyday life, but here’s how they can help you in business.

A) Businesses create Apps with APIs

There are many businesses that build software and tools that rely on pulling data from open APIs to help streamline a business process in some new way. In fact, without APIs most of the businesses won’t function.

B) People use those Apps

APIs are important for business because they allow programmers to build amazing tools that help us do our jobs more effectively. A good example is this keyword tool that accesses Google’s search API to suggest keywords your business should target.

C) Businesses depend on Open APIs

APIs are also important for the businesses that provide them, because third-party developers build out applications that further the use of the company’s core product. This saves the API provider both time and money. For example, before Reddit came out with its own mobile app, it relied on other tools created by companies looking to monetize that work.

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