Provide an engaging, modern, mobile tool for visitors to find directories of local attraction, a calendar of events, places and maps, and much more. And because content is digital, it’s always updated and mobile for convenient accessibility.

Mobile tourism apps provide perfect service to any visitor. Your guests will have all the tourist information right on their smartphone while visiting your city, region or museum. Tourism app will provide increased access to collection of information and  enhance the visitors experience. One of the key benefits of having a mobile app is Push Notifications. When your visitors download your app, you’re able to send messages directly to your visitor's mobile device, so that they automatically see your promotions and offers. Provide an engaging, modern, mobile tool for visitors to find directories of local attractions, a calendar of events, places and maps, and much more. And because content is digital, it’s always updated for convenient accessibility.

Challenges in Tourisum

1.Non interactive Displays like printed maps and Brochures

2.Providing enough information on Places, Events, hotspots.

Tourism involves many players including tourists, businesses, tourism managers, host communities and society. All players need to derive benefits from tourism for tourism to be truly successful. The aspirations of these players are partially competing - tourists seek to maximise 'consumer surplus', i.e. get the best experience possible for the least cost, while businesses seek to maximise (short-term) profits and host communities are interested in long-term income and employment as well as net benefits. Providing Proper Information at Proper time is very difficult when done with papers.

Engage your visitors with Mobile App platform for tourism, culture and heritage sector

Many interesting heritage sites or Tourist spots can’t always offer a visitor centre or access to a site expert. When visitors want more information about something they’ve discovered on their visit, they can use their mobile to download a free ‘App’.This  app provides you with a complementary service to the tourist walking tour, with an informative, self-guided tour of city.

Main Functionlity For a Tourisum Mobile App

  1. Find fast and easy-to-navigate information on getting to and around the city. Official visitor Mobile App and website for travel and tourism, offering information on History, culture , Museums, parks, hotels, restaurants, things to do, events, golf clubs etc
  2. Available with a ‘Near Me’ functionality showing you everything within easy to explore places. Comprehensive, easy-to-navigate map .360 Degree view using google street view.
  3. Use of QR codes and other mobile contactless technologies, to help people of all ages visiting heritage sites.
  4. Heritage sites are rich in detail and interest, and much of their appeal is Imaginative. Open your camera and find your closest points of interest
  5. Current and upcoming Events, Exibitions, Tradeshows  and Cultural Festivals information.
  6. Tourist can call the Tourism Help center through app or ask for online help. It also provides weather updates and prayer timings.
  7. Option to share your experience via Facebook & Twitter straight from the app and integrated with review sites like tripadvisor, yelp, zomato .
  8. Get instant access to all that’s new in city and make sure you don't miss any destination updates.

Mobile augmented reality is a new medium through which mobile users can interact with Augmented Reality or AR content

  • Geolocation - based AR uses GPS, compass and other sensors in the user’s mobile phone to provide a ‘heads-up’ display of various geo located points of interest.
  • Vision-based AR uses many of these same sensors to virtually display digital content in context with real-world objects such as visual features, buildings, large objects, magazines, posters or packaging, all by tracking the visual features of these objects.
  • Augmented Reality is designed to add a ‘virtual’ overlay to real objects such as posters, maps, magazines, buildings and scenery, with the AR images ‘triggered’ based on mobile camera images or GPS. It can also add a historical context, overlay video, audiocommentary or a virtual ‘what it might have looked like in the past’ aspect to heritage sites and buildings, which is especially useful where the current visitor site is just a featureless field, for example. This will helps Old photos and digitised documents immediately  become ‘near you’ as you walk around a town or city.


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