Mobile Apps play an important role when it comes to an Online Business. People prefer apps more than accessing a web page in a web browser and therefore developing an app for a business is a lucrative deal.

Mobile Application - A Necessity

     The quantity of Mobile Phones are more than computers and thus it is quite clear that your business needs a mobile platform if you want to stay ahead of the curve. Almost all the web platforms that are accessed through computers can also be accessed through mobile phones. So why not give your directory an edgy and cool look by converting it into a Mobile App that makes it easy for  people to access. Mobile Applications are the talk of the town, every other online business has developed its own unique mobile application to spread its business.

     To beat your competitors, you need to try everything that will differentiate you from them. Nowadays people use mobile phone more than they use a computer. So it is obvious that they access internet from their phones. So in order to double your web directory’s traffic you need to have a mobile application and that is where Ezydir helps you. We develop mobile application for our clients that run or Android and iOS platforms.

Advantages of Mobile Application

Say No to Waiting: Accessing a website on a Mobile app becomes much more easy than  accessing it on a web browser. On a computer for browsing a website you have open a web browser then type the particular site details and then wait for it to redirect to the desired page whereas it only takes a second to launch a mobile app because the most of the information is stored in the application itself and the only thing you need is Internet access.

Apps have supremacy: Mobile Apps provides greater visibility and importance to your Business more than bookmark on a web browser would. App is always visible and accessible to the customers on their phones and that builds up the trust.

Apps Engage Customer: In the fast paced world people prefer a Mobile App because it connects them easily to the desired business platform. Nowadays relatively all the businesses are using an App that gives their clients quick accessibility to the business. The very purpose of developing an App is to consistently connect the business with clients.

App cuts down the expenditure: With the emergence of Mobile Apps the price of text messages and paper newsletters have been reduced. Communication has become easy because apps sends messages to securely and instantly to customers.

Types of Mobile Apps

Native Apps: Native Apps are developed on a dedicated operating system and that can be accessed specific app store. For example iOS applications are created using Xcode/Objective-C etc. and it can be accessed only from Appstore and Android apps are developed using Java, Windows, C++ etc. and can be downloaded only from Playstore. Developing an app for a specific store takes too much of time and money.

Hybrid Apps: Hybrid Apps are way cheaper than Native Apps and the time taken to build an Hybrid App is much less. For developing a Hybrid App single code is enough but when it comes to Native Apps you need an app developer for each platform. Hybrid Apps can be accessed in multiple platforms like Android and iOS.

Scrutinize your ideas before developing an App

Purpose of App development: First thing one should consider is-What would be the purpose of your app? To find out the purpose you need to think like a customer rather than an owner. How the app will help the customers? What features can be added to attract the attention of customers?

App popularity: Will an app bring me more business? This is the question that you should ask yourselves. In order to discover an answer for this question you need ask your existing clients and visitors that whether there is demand for an app.

Time and Money:  Building an app does not only take money but it requires time too. Just to keep and hold in the market you must consistently keep updating your app to provide best services to the customers, quickly and easily.

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