Phalcon is a web server extension that Ezydir uses in its projects to make them quick and responsive.

What is Phalcon Framework?

PHP frameworks are used on a large scale by people to develop web applications. PHP has many frameworks that can perform several tasks and it also frameworks that provide all-in-one solutions like Phalcon. Phalcon provides beautiful syntax, high performance and proper documentation. Phalcon is used as web server extension and it is written in programming languages like Zephir and C. Phalcon boosts the working speed, reduces resource usage, and handles more HTTP requests per second than any other frameworks written in PHP. Phalcon is an open source framework based on MVC (Model View Controller) pattern.

Benefits of using Phalcon Framework

  • The speed of Phalcon is better than the other accessible framework.

  • The classes and functions provide ready-to-use extensions that can be used by any application.

  • For providing one time process on the web server the C-extensions are loaded together.

  • The assembled coding of Phalcon to a specific platform and processor makes it interpretation less.

  • Phalcon provides lower overhead for applications that are based on the model-view controller.

 Functioning of Phalcon

  • The components in Phalcon are not connected so that it becomes easy for the user to either use the full frame work or just some parts of it.

  • Phalcon connects  with databases with best performance by using a C-language ORM for PHP.

  • With Phalcon the internal PHP structures can be accessed.


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