Ezydir is an online directory creating software with various secure themes and plugins that separates it from WordPress directory theme.

What is Ezydir?

Ezydir is a Content Management System that is used for developing an Online Directory. Ezydir offers various features that will enable clients to generate more revenue. Ezydir’s Content Management System is based on PHP and MYSQL. Ezydir offers various themes and templates which meet the needs of the clients. The directory created using Ezydir are SEO friendly and it allows the option of Bulk Import and Export of data. Bulk data can be imported and exported to a new website from an old website along with the SEO database. Ezydir script can only be accessed by skilled programmers. it is not meant to be used by everyone pertaining to the security threats it pose. Ezydir is hack proof as it does not keep away any free options to the users that will open a gateway for them for hacking

What is WordPress Directory theme?

WordPress directory theme is a free and open source Content Management System. The main features of a WordPress directory theme is comprised of a template system, a plugin architecture, widgets and themes.Themes allow users to alter the appearance and functionality of a WordPress directory theme website. WordPress directory theme allows users to create their own theme if they have a knowledge about its functioning. Plugins allow users to expand the features and functionality of a website or blog. WordPress directory theme sites are SEO friendly. WordPress directory theme blog posts can be edited in HTML, using the visual editor tool, or using plugins that has customized editing features.

Despite all these features using WordPress directory theme is considered not safe, to find out why, read the following:

Why Ezydir is best when compared to WordPress Directory Theme?

Highly Secured: Ezydir is highly secure because it does not allow everyone to barge in and work on their own. Every detail entered in our database remains safe.

     WordPress directory theme is a CMS platform that is used by many people around the world because it is free but this itself makes it vulnerable to hacks and security threats.

Technical Support: Ezydir provides 24/7 technical support to the customer. Our job does not end just by developing a site, we take care of our customers and provide assistance even after our project is completed.

     WordPress directory theme does not provide any technical support to its users. Various support forums have questions unanswered by them.

Plugins: Ezydir does not provide free plugins because free plugins allows hacker to join in and this will lead to loss of your data.

     WordPress directory theme gives free plugins and it is hard for the user to identify genuine one and they end up becoming a victim of hacking.

Themes: Unlike WordPress directory theme Ezydir themes are not free. They come at a reasonable price and are error free.

     WordPress directory theme has a lot of free themes that come from third party vendors and they contain hidden codes, links, etc. These hidden codes are incorporated by hackers to get into the database.

Automatic Updates: Ezydir does not provide automatic update functionality as most of the time updates end up ruining the entire previous data.

     WordPress directory theme frequently receives updates and when installed these updates totally corrupt the database and your previous customizations go into ruins. if you do not have a backup then your work was just a waste of time.

User Dashboard: Ezydir provides a user-friendly dashboard from where the clients could maintain their page as well as data.

     WordPress directory theme dashboard is not trustworthy as it automatically logs out the users without any reason by displaying a message “WordPress directory theme Login Temporarily Disabled” that leaves the data at risk.

Customizable: Ezydir is highly customizable and changes can be made by the user. It supports Third Party API Integration and it is also integrated with various online Payment Gateways.

     WordPress directory theme directory theme is also customizable always under the threat of being hacked. When it comes to API integration and Payment Gateways integration WordPress directory theme directory theme does not work really well

Compatible with web app development tools: Ezydir also develops mobile applications and that is because it works well with Angularjs and other web app development tools.

     On the other hand, the biggest disadvantage WordPress directory theme has is that it is incompatible with the Angularjs and other web app development tools.

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